Enrollment Center

Enrollment Center

Work smarter, not harder with the new Enrollment Service.

You’ll save time and trees by going paperless! It’s an easy way to enroll members into a benefit plan or organization of your choice without clutter. All important information is securely stored in “the cloud.”

Payment Solution

Payment Solution

While keeping a perfect track of every transaction, CTS ensures the safety and security of your finance.

Moreover, our confidence is backed with more than 200M already billed/collected and more than 50M sent to different personal/Business Bank account via our integrated payment module. Rest assured CTS will take on any challenges that our partners might be facing.

Billing Solution

Billing Solution

Managing invoices can be a hassle, however, by using CTS’s Billing Solutions the user can manage any invoice with a just a click of a button.

Moreover, we generate more than 20,000 user-based invoices and about 2,000 group-based invoices every month. Therefore, you can be sure that you are in for a smooth ride while managing your bills because of our experience and expertise.

Besides, the generation and updating of invoices are automated processes, nevertheless, we give our admin an override to manage invoices when needed.

Electronic File Transfer

If you are in need of sending and receiving files with high volume and sensitive information, CTS has got you covered.

Our secure file Transfer system is end-to-end encrypted and include 2FA for any downloads which makes our system one of the best in the world.

Ticketing Module

Ticketing Module

State of art ticketing system to make your customer success. With our ticketing system all our customer feel like they are VIP no one get left behind. With this system – we can take care of customer issues more efficiently and on pre-defined SLA.

Communication Module

Commission Module

Does your business have a need to pay your associates with incentive basis? And whatever the commission structure you have – we have got you covered. Hierarchy based commission, flat commission, percent-based commission or custom defined.

Communication Center

By providing you an easier way to communicate with your customers via Email, Text Messages and Push Notifications, CTS has found a solution for you to effectively and efficiently liaise with your customers and vice versa.

Moreover, the pre-configurable module we have used while developing the Communication Center enables it to support any commission structure. This means it not only makes communication uncomplicated, but it also handles and controls communication traffic systematically.

Education Management Software

Education Management Software (EMS)

At CTS, we believe in giving back to the community. That is one of the reasons why, CTS is providing solutions for students in Nepali schools by giving its trademark Education Management Software.

The software collects, integrates as well as processes the data while maintaining and disseminating the data and information. This provides an easier option for schools to monitor and manage the school and also plan for its betterment if necessary.

Not only this, it also helps to better prepare young generation to be more competitive in the future global market while also uplifting the Nepali education systems decision-making and policy-analysis strategies.

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