How to be a Good Developer?

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Let me correct the title, How to be a good great developer?

Like in any other profession, there are various types of developers. In my short career span, I got the pleasure to work with different types of developers across different countries.

A single word developer comprises people with a variety of skill sets, experience, mindset, and view towards life. On what basis can we judge all these beautiful minds? Is it experience? Is it a skill set? Who are we to judge a beautiful mind? Well, I see where I am going, Okay I will stop being philosophical and get back to the topic. 

Let’s agree there are some traits that separates us from the herd and recognize us as a great developer.

Most important trait

Being a developer means creating something. What is the use of creation if it doesn’t solve any problem? Well, you create a car with really good design, awesome power but with square tires. What’s the use?

So, we need to be mindful of what we are creating. Does anyone need this? Is this better than what everyone is creating Or at least is it similar to what others are creating?

In short, your creation must make someone’s life easy. In corporate terms, it is the client.

Good Developer

Perfection is a myth

Nothing is perfect and will never be. Just worry about doing better than yesterday. Experiment frequently, read other’s code, try to improvise, compare code performance. Do everything that makes you better than yesterday. Just a small step will do.

Attention to detail

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the post. Just simple button feedback, components placement, colors are the things that matter most to the end user. 

Result oriented

Remember the goal is to create a great product, not great code. Always think from the client’s perspective and start with a goal in mind. Just imagine, the client wants a cycle and you are showing them … think of anything other than a cycle.

Get uncomfortable

Try new things, see what’s new in the market, try solving the same problem differently. Believe me, if you like being comfortable you are in the wrong lane bro.

Getting Uncomfortable

Follow a standard

One of the important characteristics of a good developer is that other good developers can understand their works. The best way to achieve this is to follow some standards. Research on coding standards for your language, follow style guidelines, break down your codes, etc..

Never repeat mistakes

In a world where people learn from others’ mistakes. I bet you understood. Some richest people in the world like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos never repeat mistakes that led them to their position.

Help others to grow

The secret of growth is to help others grow. Listen and inspire others. Help as much as you can, contribute to open source projects if you can. Be a leader and start by leading yourself.

Grow as a Good Developer

And lastly, It’s all about mindset. There are winners and losers and only you can decide where you fall under.