Best Master Data Management tools in 2022

Set of identifiers that provide context about business, that include location, customers, product, and assets among many others is Master Data...

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API Testing Tools API Testing Tools

10 API Testing Tools You Can’t Live Without in 2022

Matching the expectations is one of the most important things for a software company And, API testing tools are all about checking if your software...

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Data Analysis and Visualization Tools data analysis

5 Data Analysis and Visualization Tools for Business Professionals

Data is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to conduct analyses, recognize trends, set realistic goals and make informed decisions However,...

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What is an Intrusion Detection System? Explained

Any device or software application that detects and monitors policy violations or any malicious activities is called an intrusion detection system...

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cloudtechservice Dec 22, 2021

What are Cloud-Native Apps? Explained

As today's market is software-driven and fast-paced, in order to survive, a company needs to change the way it builds, design, and use applications...

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